Spotted Dog Studio
Original Design Purses, beautiful-and-functional Tote Bags, Wall Hangings, Table Runners

                     ABOUT US - Welcome!

    Jan Learman, artist in
    residence.  With endless
    enthusiastic, playful, assistance
    from Lily and Oreo!

    Jan draws from her extensive
    world travels, including Canada,
    Eastern and Western Europe,
    the 1,000 Islands, the Caribbean,
    Africa (Masi Mara-Serengetti,
    Kenya, Mombassa on the Indian
    Ocean), Mexico, the great
    American West, deserts,
    mountains and, of course, from
    her headquarters at the edge of
    the fabulous Florida Everglades!

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    call Jan

    At Spotted Dog Studios.
    art is FUN!

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Part of the Florida Everglades has been drained for
agricultural purposes.  Outside the village of Lake Placid,
FL, there is a horizon-to--horizon section of the Glades
that has become the Caladium Capital of the World.  The
Caladium Fields are laid out in stripes, all the different
colors that this decorative plant comes in.  The stripes
of Caladium plants, the palms, and the uniquely
compelling Florida sky make this a one-of-a-kind scene
of tropical splednor!  We capture the beauty with our
original work,
Midnight Caladium Magic.  
Yes, we do have wild panthers
prowling our marshes, woods, and
Spotted Dog Studio is full of laughter!