Spotted Dog Studio Textile Arts
Sacred Services to Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, Chaplains, and Spiritual Communities
Holy Communion every
Sunday at 11:00am
Please feel free to send us a sketch of
the sacred fabric art for which you
have a need.

We will review your ideas with our
design team and report to you several

  • The estimated cost for art work
    and quilting.  Each of our pieces
    is individually designed and
    created ... there are no machine-
    made products associated with
    Spotted Dog Studio's Sacred
  • The types of fabric available
  • Color combinations that we feel
    would be appropriate
  • Proposed turnaround time
  • Shipping method
Saint James College
Seminary offers Certified
Professional Chaplain
Training and online
ordination studies.  
Your project will be
designed and created
exclusively for you.

The examples shown here are for
your review and discussion only -
each is copywritten and may not be
duplicated exactly as you see them
For clergy and houses of
worship who desire high
quality, individually designed
quilted stoles, altar
cloths, banners!