Spotted Dog Studio
Textile Arts
We are unique and our artistic products are marked
with information about specially-prepared dyes,
fabrics, and other materials used in our creations.
Blue Bamboo - Bambusa Chungii
Our quilted arts, scarves,
tapestries, table runners and
other fine creations of our
studios are designed with a wide
variety of raw materials.  
As we
have explained on other pages, we
use many all-natural fabrics, dyes
from our own tropical gardens, even
products from our experimental
bamboo plantation!
Among the exotic bamboos we are growing here at
the edge of the Everglades
are the rare and beautiful
Bambusa Chungii
(Blue Bamboo, at left), Buddha
Bamboo, and Bambusa Oldhamii.

We even grow our

n Papyrus!  

The background of this
page, by the way, is
very similar to the material
that was used in the
Middle East and in ancient

Because of the wide variety of exciting materials used in our
creations, we include a special label that gives cleaning and care
information such as the one immediately below....  
Please feel free to
suggest any dyes or
natural products that you
may have tried and
enjoyed using.  Our studio
is a laboratory of quilting
and fabric art ideas and
creative techniques.  We
welcome your participation!

Bambusa Chungii (Blue Bamboo)